worldwide freight services drivers

Worldwide freight services drivers have a romantic lifestyle, as seen by some others. The life on the road, a modern knight in chrome armour, certainly must seem exciting to many a young boy, especially as there are so many American road movies about long distance trucking where drivers have only a CB radio and a country music tune for company.
It isn’t like that in the real world. Driving jobs, while a fairly pleasant way to earn a living, lack most of the perceived romanticism. It can and often is exhausting, and in today’s world there are a lot of rules and regulations to observe, which is almost a full time job on its own. Driving a truck is not like driving a car. It is a much bigger and heavier vehicle. Things happen slower in a truck as a rule, and they usually take longer to stop happening too!
Any HGV driver who has come across ice unexpectedly will know how it feels to have anything up to 40 tonnes sliding out of control. It’s slow, deliberate and very scary and the solutions to the problem and your options are few. The same applies to more mundane tasks like braking on a normal surface. With a truck it needs to be done in plenty of time and more often; the weight of the vehicle will take time to stop in normal condition, and in unusual conditions, just try to be ready!
In the motoring world of commercial worldwide freight services companies, a driver quickly learns to treat his truck quite differently from his car. Nipping around corners in the usual way will probably end up with a trailer in the ditch. Transportation that can be measured in several tens of tonnes needs wide turns. And if you have forward steering, as most European trucks do, you have to know at all times where your wheels are, and the front steering wheels will actually be behind you!
Truck driving is not all about mystery though. It just about knowing how to control a large sluggish vehicle. You cannot accelerate like a sports car, for example. And travelling up a long incline with a full load will probably mean being in one of the low gears most of the way, if not all of the way. A truck driver quickly learns that the air brakes fitted on large vehicles are good. Very good!
However, if you use the brakes for too long on long downhill runs, you may experience that terrifying thing called brake fade. It’s exactly what it sounds like, and it means you have no brakes as the drums have expanded and the brake shoes no longer make good contact. The answer? Don’t put yourself in the position of experiencing brake fade! No self respecting professional worldwide freight services driver does.

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